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Stop What You’re Doing and Download These 6 Hilarious Beard Apps NOW

Seeking a new look through growing a beard? Want to look rugged, while maintaining that hip demeanor, and get the facial hair everyone has been talking about? Well, guess what boys?

You don’t have to look much farther than your phone to see the style you crave – there are plenty of beard apps where you can ‘test out’ a look, before you decide to lay down that razor!

Before we begin, get a snapshot of your mug, sans facial hair, that is beard-friendly in order to try out some new mountain-man looks. It doesn’t have to be a serious affair – have a little fun while doing it! The apps below are the best on the market, and can definitely provide a great start to your hairy journey:

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Take a bust-style selfie, and use the Make Me Bearded app to add a slick beard, cool mustache, box beard, or anything in between! Go with a handrail mustache or long wizard’s beard. This ‘furry’ app has a photo editor that lets you grow your own facial hair.

Share your beard photos with friends on Twitter or Facebook and take votes on the best one. Even don yourself pirate-style to entertain your buddies. With the cool weather rolling around, growing your bristles is an ideal way to keep the heat alive.

The Grooming App, braun men's shavers. braun shaver, braun shavers, beard apps, braun shaver accessories, braun accessories, Braun 9090cc Series 9, 9090cc Series 9


More lifestyle-friendly, the Grooming app is a lot like having a barber right in your back pocket. Find out the best techniques for grooming and styling your beard, discover the latest trends in facial hair, and see how you look with different beard styles.

As you watch the app’s video on how to groom your beard, you’ll learn about quality tools to use like Braun Men’s Shavers and trimmer accessories. Investing in a high quality Braun shaver, like the Braun 9090cc Series 9, is the best, most hygienic, choice for a clean, dapper look.

Duck Dynasty Beard Booth App, braun men's shavers. braun shaver, braun shavers, beard apps, bearded app, beard styles, duck dynasty


Go from yuppie to cool when you download the Duck Dynasty Beard Booth app. This app features all of your favorite characters, including Phil, Willie, Jase and Si from the popular A&E television series “Duck Dynasty,” and their equally famous beards. Dress up your friends or yourself with a beard from your favorite Duck-man. Everyone will be quacking up!

Changer-Hair Mustache Beard App, braun men's shavers. braun shaver, braun shavers, beard apps, beard styles, best electric shaver, Braun CoolTec CT4cc, CoolTec CT4cc


Switch up your entire look with the Changer-Hair Mustache Beard App. This bit of phone fun provides you not only with a great collection beards and ‘staches, but an endless array of hair-do’s (and don’ts) as well. Once you achieve your perfect look in REAL life, keep it trim with a CoolTec Braun Shaver, like the CoolTec CT4cc. This Braun shaver features wet and dry technology, and an advanced 3-stage cutting system for all your hairy needs.

Hair and Beard Lite+ App, braun men's shavers. braun shaver, braun shavers, beard apps, no shave november, braun shaver accessories


If you aren’t too serious about changing your facial hair, but still find the humor in what-could-be, the Hair and Beard+ app will satisfy your funny bone. From mustaches and beards, to goatees and sideburns, this app has it all.

Select from a broad range of designs and compare your before and after look. Zoom in for a close up of the new you. Not only is this app free, it’s simple and easy to use.

Face Changer Handsome App, braun men's shavers. braun shaver, braun shavers, beard apps, braun accessories, best electric shaver


With a tagline like ‘Make Me Handsome,’ it’s hard not to have fun while attempting a new manly look when using the Face Changer Handsome app. Put on those whiskers for a mustache, beard or both. Change your hair and follow your favorite Beiber pastime – or don’t. This offbeat application offers a wide array of diverse style combinations ranging from edgy, geek, sporty or collegiate.

With so many beard apps available, it’s a breeze finding the perfect beard for your particular style and facial shape. Have fun with it!