10 Cool Hacks to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Summer Heat

Are you worrying that your pup may be dehydrated or overheated during the hot summer months? You’re right to be concerned.

Many dogs aren’t aware that they are getting too hot and additionally can’t regulate their temperature as well as people. Heat stroke for canines can be very dangerous — even fatal. By arranging even one of the suggestions below, you can greatly reduce the risks of heatstroke associated with your favorite furry friend:

1. Invest in a Dog Water Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain,

One of the most frustrating things about dogs is that even though they need to drink water to keep cool, they don’t always want to drink water.

A pet water fountain, such as the Petsafe Drinkwell Fountain, will prompt your dog to drink. In nature, dogs often seek out running water over stagnant water because it generally means that it’s safer and more sanitary.

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2. Keep Your Pet Sheltered, doghouse, pet shelter

Dogs usually can’t understand the concept of overheating and the feeling of “being too hot.” By providing a pet shelter, you’ll make sure that your dog can retire to a shady area when it feels itself overheating.

3. Add Ice to Your Dog’s Water

Drinkwell multi-tier fountain,, pet water fountain

Occasionally toss some ice into your dog bowl or dog water fountain to encourage your dog to drink. Fresh, cool water will be far more appetizing.

There are flavored water cubes for a pet water fountain too, but it will mean you need to clean it often. Many of the best pet water fountains also have a filter to keep the water clean and delicious for your pet.

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4. Don’t Shave Your Dog, shaved dog, dog grooming

One of the lesser known facts about dogs is that their coat doesn’t just warm them. It also keeps them cool. You should never shave a dog unless your veterinarian advises it. It will actually make your dog hotter and could ruin their coat permanently.

5. Keep a Canteen

Drinkwell Hydro-Go Pet Canteen,

Whenever you’re out and about with your canine companion, you should take care to bring a canteen with you. The Drinkwell Hydro-Go Pet Canteen acts as both a food and a water bowl while out at the park or hiking. You should offer your pet water at least once an hour to make sure that they are hydrated.

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6. Get a Doggy Door, dog door, pet door

Even if you have an outside dog, providing a doggy door provides an additional level of safety. Should there be adverse weather, your pup can come into a climate-controlled home.

Place an indoor dog water fountain or pet water bowl throughout the house, too, so that your pup is reminded to drink.

7. Clean Your Dog’s Water Dish Often

Drinkwell Fountain Cleaning Kit,

Dogs have more taste sensors for water than people do. Many dogs will be turned off by their water because it will taste old or stagnant.

Use a Drinkwell Fountain Cleaning Kit with your Dog Water Fountain to make sure that their water is always appealing to them.

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8. Invest In a Cool Gel Bed, dog bed, cooling dog bed

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A dog cooling bed will retain cooler temperatures and allow your dog to cool down on demand. There are also cooling fan beds that can be plugged in. Just make sure your pet doesn’t chew on it!

9. Offer Your Dog a Wading Pool, dog pool, dogpool, pool for dog

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Did you know that there are special “kiddie” pools made for dogs? These pools are generally hard and plastic so they won’t be pierced by rough doggy claws. Many dogs absolutely love taking a dip on a hot day.

10. Don’t Forget the Paws, dog boots, dog booties

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If you’re walking your dog during the summer, don’t forget that hot sidewalk and hot asphalt can be very harsh on doggy paws. Dog socks or boots, in addition to dog balms, can protect them.

Always watch out for signs that your pup might be overheating. These signs can include panting heavily, dry tongues and even seizures. If your dog does seem to have overheated, contact your local veterinarian immediately.

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