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Why You Need a Panasonic Cordless Phone: 7 Remarkable Benefits and Deals from 101phones.Com

Panasonic cordless phones are a cut above the rest, and for a limited time we’re offering exclusive, ultra-low prices on the best models available. Panasonic has cut us a deal, and we’re passing the savings on to you through one of our legacy sites,

But, of course, affordability isn’t the only reason to buy a Panasonic cordless phone

7 Standout Benefits of Panasonic Cordless Phones,, panasonic cordless phones

Whether for at home or the office, these phones are loaded with thoughtful, cutting-edge features.

Still not convinced? Consider these seven incredible benefits:

7. Expand Your Possibilities by Adding Extra Handsets



Some of the most popular Panasonic cordless phones in our lineup, like the KX-TGE270S, are sold with a single handset. You may only think you need one at the moment – but what if you want to expand your business later on? No worries!

Models from Panasonic are convenient in that several supplementary handsets can almost always be added. With the KX-TGE270S, for example, you can increase your phone’s calling capabilities in up to six additional handsets. For some models, you can add even more! Don’t limit yourself, and always be sure to invest in technology and communications services that will grow with your small business needs.

6. Get DECT 6.0 Plus Technology for Superior Quality,, panasonic cordless phones

Cordless Panasonic phones, like the KX-TGE232B, feature Panasonic’s exclusive DECT 6.0 Plus technology. DECT, or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, is a high-tech standard that delivers a huge array of convenient features.

Enjoy interference-free phone calls from work or from home. Voice encryption technology ensures that your calls are completely private at all times. Possibly best of all, this technology produces extended battery life, so you and your family are guaranteed more talk time out of a single charge.

5. Text-to-Speech Technology,, panasonic cordless phones

When you’re in the middle of something important at home or at work, having to drop what you’re doing to see who’s calling can be frustrating. With Panasonic cordless phones, such as the KX-TGE232B, you will never face this issue again.

These devices boast cutting-edge text-to-speech technology, ensuring caller ID information is broadcast out loud as soon as the phone rings. Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing you’ll know exactly who’s on the line without even having to look at a screen, and choose whether or not you would like to answer.

4. Save Energy with Eco-Mode,, panasonic cordless phones

The fact of the matter: the less energy you use to run electronic devices, the lower your utility bills are, and the better off the health of the planet is. Panasonic cordless phones, like the KX-TGE232B, include Eco-Mode technology that is specifically designed to make these devices as energy-efficient as possible.

Eco-Mode technology automatically reduces power consumption whenever the handset is used close to the base unit. This results in extended available talk time and lengthened battery life, which means less charging and, in turn, less power used.

3. Extend the Efficiency of Your Cell Phone with Link-to-Cell Bluetooth Technology,, panasonic cordless phones

Like many folks, you may find it a bit uncomfortable to take long calls on your cell phone or smartphone. Panasonic cordless phone models, including the KX-TG7875S, boast high-tech link-to-cell Bluetooth technology that enables you to take cell phone calls on your cordless phone.

In addition to being more inclined to take long calls, this specific feature eliminates the confusion of having to reach for multiple phones while on the job. With everything connected to one device, your day will unfold all the more smoothly.

2. Programmable Ringing Puts You in the Driver’s Seat,, panasonic cordless phones

Depending on the situation or your location, you may want some of your handsets to ring audibly and for others to be silent. With Panasonic cordless phones, and models like the KX-TG9541B, making this happen is a breeze.

Enabled devices now allow you to specify which times of day they can ring audibly and which times they should remain silent. If you have a handset on your nightstand, for example, you can program your phone to mute overnight, ensuring a restful, quiet sleep.

1. Never Miss an Important Call with the Digital Answering System,, panasonic cordless phones

Finally, and perhaps most critically, stop stressing out about missing important phone calls. Panasonic cordless models, like the KX-TGE233B, include a state-of-the-art digital answering system that are loaded with useful, practical features.

This particular model can store up to 18 minutes of messages, so you don’t have to stress about running out of memory when you go away for a weekend. Features like memo recording, voice menu, call screening, and intercept and remote message checking let you stay on top of the information you most require.

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