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How to Combat 7 Common Pain Points of Growing Businesses

How to Position Your IT Infrastructure for the Growth of Your Business

Once you have your company’s IT infrastructure established into a routine, it can be pretty tempting to fall into a lull of static. But with the ever-changing landscape of technology and commerce in the Information Age, it’s vital to keep your systems moving forward. If you’re planning for growth and new progress in your business, consider upgrading your IT server infrastructure.

How to Position Your IT Infrastructure for the Growth of Your Business

How do you know which servers will work the best? The Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant Generation 9 server family provides us a good example of what a dependable server looks like.

Remember, planned server upgrades provide smoother performances of your company operations, more room to grow, and ultimately cost savings.

We’ll go through the benefits that the popular HPE Generation 9 servers answer to with the seven common growth pains a company’s IT infrastructure experiences. The HPE Generation 9 servers provide solutions to these seven common growth pain points below.

Business Growth Pain Point #1:

File Backup

HPE ProLiant Generation 9 servers file backup

When determining the right backup solutions for your business, it’s important to identify your current storage capacities and find out if you’re ‘bumping up’ against them.

HPE ProLiant Generation 9 servers have Intel CPUs with scalable storage processors to make large data transfers an easy task. Efficient data management and smarter data protection also help give IT Admins peace of mind as they handle vital company information with confidence.

Business Growth Pain Point #2:

Network Access

HPE ProLiant Generation 9 servers network access

Proper network access protocols are essential for the success of your company’s IT systems, and for those systems to properly function, you’ll need to have your plug and play apps running smoothly.

HPE ProLiant Generation 9 servers are able to do that and more, whether you have an IT staff in-house or outsource it to a different facility. And, since they also come with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials software, your IT staff can integrate cloud services, enjoy secure remote access, and protect customer and private database information all from within the same system.

Business Growth Pain Point #3:

Data Storage

HPE ProLiant Generation 9 servers It infrastructure management

When the structure of your business is growing in leaps and bounds, data storage limitations can be a pain. The key to data storage management, however, does not lie in how much storage you should buy, but in what quality the storage needs to be.

HPE’s rack mounted servers gen 9 to make data storage additions a flexible and affordable process, so there’s no need to max out storage drives and stress your systems.

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Business Growth Pain Point #4:

Server Security

HPE ProLiant Generation 9 servers server security

Few things are more important than the security of your business these days, and with increasing cyber crime cases by the year, it’s critical to give your IT infrastructure a security checkup. Newer server systems have the best security features available and are more effective at fending off the constant barrage of cyber attacks.

HPE ProLiant Generation 9 servers, for example, have file and network security with individual access rights to certain files and information. These features working for your company will help prevent critical loss of data, time, funds, and reputation from ever happening in the first place.

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Business Growth Pain Point #5:

IT Infrastructure Management

HPE ProLiant Generation 9 servers data storage

What is IT infrastructure management? It’s simple, really – IT infrastructure management involves taking care and maintaining an organization’s computer server systems. How to effectively manage your IT infrastructure, however, is a little more complicated.

The good news is that many modern servers these days have sophisticated software built in that is more user-friendly. HP’s Integrated Lights Out feature on its servers, for example, maintain complete server monitoring and control from anywhere you are twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so you can always stay in touch with your company’s IT status.

Business Growth Pain Point #6:

Challenges In Communication

HPE ProLiant Generation 9 challenges in business communications

Have you ever felt like that famous gentleman in a certain cell phone commercial trying to get reception whenever you reach out to your coworkers? Old and antiquated servers operate in frustrating linear terms and sometimes drop the ball in delivering messages and allowing the right file access to people. But group projects and internal communication systems don’t have to be that way!

Modern server systems like HPE ProLiant Generation 9 have much larger memory stores, which increase server performance and the number of active users per server. They also provide networking solutions that are flexible enough to meet the changing needs of your company on any given day, so you can focus less on server problems and more on doing what you love to do – your business.

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Business Growth Pain Point #7:

Budget Planning

HPE ProLiant Generation 9 servers budget planning


“How much is wow?”

“Right in between, uh, ouch and boing.”

– Phil Davis and Bob Wallace, White Christmas.

Perhaps the most frustrating growth point of all in the list, anyone knows that a tight budget can halt your IT servers right in their tracks.

When your IT servers are frozen in time, everything else in your business is too.

How can IT managers break the cycle of financial limitations? It just might be worth it to make the stretch on the dollar.

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