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15 Problems Hairy Men Face & 15 Simple Solutions

Many women consider a hairy man to be sexy and macho. And they are correct — only up to a certain point, though.

Too much hair can leave a man in itchy, twisty, scratchy torture that does not look even remotely appealing. Now, for the first time, a man shares the agony and defeat that lurk behind all his hair and shares his secrets for presenting a much smoother and suave persona from here on out. It’s likely your genetics, but you still need to know how to remove body hair.

Presenting 15 problems only hairy men can understand and their incredibly simple solutions.

15. Tan legs? Not without a shave!

hairy men how to remove body hair norelco shavers

Use one of the many fine Norelco shaving products such as a body shaver.

14. Disposable razors can’t touch this hair!

hairy men how to remove body hair best norelco shavers

Instead, of learning how to remove body hair the hard way, look for a solution made for hairy men: The best Norelco shavers can mow it down easily, though.

13. Those social media campaigns that challenge you to grow a beard until some date in the future? You rock them!

how to remove body hair beard trimming norelco razors

Afterwards, you learn how to trim a beard with the best beard trimming tools around.

12. That deodorant that is designed for your pits? It works equally well all over your entire hair-sprouting body! how to remove body hair Hair clippers and trimmers from Norelco

Hair clippers and trimmers from Norelco are a great way to combat this.

11. In high school, you were a favorite date for those girls who could not have a cat due to their allergies. They spend all night “petting” your hairy arm and whispering sweet nothings to it!

Why you need Hair clippers and trimmers from Norelco

Learning how to remove body hair was the highlight of that time period.

10. You never claimed to be a stellar house cleaner, but you would rather do that than to have to dry off your hairy body after showering.

body shaver how to remove body hair norellco razors

With a Norelco Body Groomer, your house is now almost spotless — well, as spotless as a single and busy male can make it.

9. Itchiness is a fact of life for hairy guys — and something that the ladies really do not find sexy at all.

how to remove body hair beard trimming norelco razors1

With the proper beard trimming tools, such as this Norelco BT9285, you can get clean shaven in a matter of mere minutes!

8. Forest shrubbery ain’t got nothing on your stomach fur!

how to remove body hair norelco razors2

A high-quality body shaver or trimmer from Norelco will have that shrubbery bushwacked before you know it.

7. The next time you shuffle your stocks around, you’re thinking of picking up some shares in a laser hair removal company. It seems to be the only way to keep the dreaded unibrow at bay!

how to remove body hair unibrow norelco razors

Or you could try a Norelco NT9110 ear, nose and eyebrow shaver and save your hard-earned investment dollars.

6. Your beard is also known as a handy-dandy food catcher. Sometimes, you think it makes you look debonair. Others beg to differ though.

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So use Norelco shaving products such as this beard trimmer to make sure you never walk around with your lunch hanging from your face again.

5. No, orange pants are NOT your go-to summer attire!

Why you need a Norelco male personal groomer

The best Norelco shavers for those hairy orange pant-legs is right here.

4. You love winter time because your hair keeps you — and any nearby females — at least 20 degrees warmer. Once the warm weather hits, not so much!

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Hair clippers and body trimmers from Norelco are fantastic at carefully manicuring your all-over body fur into manageable portions to match the season.

3. Hairs in sensitive places getting caught and/or tangled up in clothing or hands is the stuff that your nightmares are made of.

how to remove body hair norelco razors

Fight these demons and learn how to remove body hair with a selection of Norelco men’s hair clippers.

2. When it comes to weight loss, you don’t actually have to do it. You only have to get a hair cut to have people remark that you look like you’ve lost at least ten pounds.

how to remove body hair Norelco Body trimmers and groomers

Norelco Body trimmers and groomers, Norelco being the top name brand in men’s self-care, can give you that sleek and streamlined look any time you want it.

1. You’re a big softy at heart and, deep down, are thrilled at the fact that you can easily donate to Locks of Love simply by collecting all your body hair.

how to remove body hair norelco razors1

The Norelco BG2040 body groomer preps your body for that big donation moment and leaves you smooth and sexy.

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