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13 Hilariously Sad Signs Your Call Center Employees Really Aren’t Satisfied at Work

signs you need jabra call center headsets

Your employees are the very core of your business — without them, you would likely not be as successful as you are – This thinking is especially true when it comes to your call center.

In many cases, these employees are the ‘face’ of your business so it is important to keep them satisfied.

Here are some common ways that your employees might act that could signal their dissatisfaction with their jobs along with some tips to help them weather the ups and downs that are a part of this industry.

13. Liberal Use of Their ‘Mute’ Button Is Non-Negotiable

signs you need jabra call center headsets

Let’s face it — being able to easily put callers on mute is important to keeping your employees’ sanity.

Office essentials such as Jabra call center headsets make it easy for them to commiserate with their coworkers when they have to deal with a difficult caller.

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12. Longevity Is NOT Their Strong Suit

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The Jabra Pro 920 Mono is a top of the line small business solution that provides your employees with features such as a single, comfortable earpiece, a wireless headset and a reduction in interference from other digital devices.

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10. They Feel Zero Fulfillment: “Talking to Idiots” Is Not a Rewarding Way to Spend the Day

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With small business solutions such as the Jabra Call Center Headsets for business your employees will not be able to accidentally wear their headsets when they step away from their desks for a break.

Many of these headsets feature a leatherette ear cushion for comfort as well as a swing-away boom and superior sound clarity.

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9. Personal Time Abuses Are Rampant

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Coping with the stress that customers cause your employees can result in an abuse of the personal time that you allot them.

Combat this occurrence with an array of call center headset add-ons such as ear cushions, tips, ear buds, ear hooks and more to ensure employees are comfortable during their shift.

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8. Outdated Tech Makes Their Job Almost as Difficult as Dealing With Callers

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Make sure that your employees have access to the latest in office technology such as Jabra wireless headsets and accessories that will help streamline the process.

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7. Keeping Their Cool Is an Accomplishment; A Bright Spot in the Middle of Their Day

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Stick with bluetooth or wireless headsets, which give your employees the freedom to move around and pace as they try to give your customers the patience and high quality service they desire.

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6. They Carry Home Their Aversion to and Lack of Self Worth

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Since your employees spend so much time on the phone while on the job, they might find that they start avoiding doing the same at home. Not good. After a while if they don’t quit on their own, their loved ones might make them.

Make their jobs less stressful by providing your call center employees with a noise canceling headset.

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5. Any Signs of Micromanagement Make Them Want to Scream

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Of course, guidance and support from supervisors is necessary, but you can make it a little less obvious with a Jabra Bluetooth headset that cancels out the noises in the surrounding area.

This can make it easier for your employees to concentrate on their callers.

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4. Putting A Caller on Hold = Take a Mini-Break

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You can facilitate this type of timeout that is especially necessary when dealing with difficult customers as well as those that are clueless.

Check out the Jabra Wave, which connects to multiple devices and allows music to be streamed in.

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3. Laughing at Callers is Hard to Control

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Do your part to make it easier for your call center workers to avoid doing so by purchasing office essentials such as a Jabra call center headsets in bulk discount packages. They feature voice-activated controls, which allow for quick breaks (and thus help curb the urge to laugh).

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2. Snacking While on the Job Is Their Life-Saving Mechanism

13 Signs Your Call Center Employees Aren't Happy factory outlet store

If banning snacking isn’t an option, at least hiding it from your customers is.

The Jabra Extreme 2 lets you connect to multiple devices while also providing innovative noise cancelation technology so that callers never know what is really happening on the other end of the phone.

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1. They Need to ‘Place You on Hold to Look Into That’ Way Too Much

13 Signs Your Call Center Employees Aren't Happy at work

Putting a caller on hold to look for more information is simply calling center code for getting a drink, taking a bite of a sandwich or any number of activities that cannot be completed while on the phone with a customer.

The Jabra Stone 3 Black gives them a sleek and stylish headset. These Jabra call center headsets allow for walking and a variety of other things, while still talking.

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