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Deal: Save $27 and Enjoy Conference Call Clarity With the Jabra Speak 510+ UC Speakerphone

jabra speak 510 deal

What You Get:

$27 off the Jabra Speak 510+ plus bluetooth A2DP,  multimedia streaming, and a high-quality omnidirectional mic

Jabra Speak 510+: How It Works:

The Jabra Speak 510+ UC MS Speakerphone is well designed to carry out conversations anytime and anywhere. Enabling you to stay focused and alert, the Jabra Speak 510+ features simply amazing sound quality also makes your voice clearly audible to the end user and vice versa.

Jabra Speak 510+ Speakerphone deal

The Jabra Speak 510+ speakerphone connects to your mobile phone, laptop, or conference phone for loud and clear calls. With both USB cable and bluetooth connectivity options, you can connect anytime and anywhere.

No matter how many callers are in your next meeting the Jabra Speak 510+ speakerphone will ensure every person can hear every conversations with crystal clear clarity.

Jabra Speak 510+: Who Needs it?

Short answer: Any PC, tablet or smartphone owner who regularly takes calls.

Jabra Speak 501+ deal Jabra speakerphone

Long answer: The Jabra Speak 510+ is perfect for office use, as it instantly converts any room into a conference room. With Omni-directional 360-degree coverage, this Jabra speakerphone allows you to carefully listen to the end user from anywhere in a meeting room.

The excellent quality audio quality of the unit enables everyone to hear and be heard from all angles.

Packing in even more fun, the plug-and-play solution on the Jabra 510+ allows you to easily set up and make/take calls AND even stream music in less time. Additionally, the travel case and compact design of the device is pretty near perfect for convenient transport.Jabra Speak 510+ Speakerphone deal

Jabra Speak 510+: Why We Love It!

The compact design of the Jabra 510+ makes life easier:

Easier for you to convey your message to others; Easier for your to hear every single word and enunciation in a conversation; Easier for you to stream to your favorite music; Easier transport than any other speaker on the market.

Jabra speak 510+ speakerphone deal

Jabra Speak 510+ Deal Details:

Regular Price: 206.99

Deal Price: $179.95

Savings: $27.04

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