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The Tortoise and the HAIR: Settling the Shaving Debate Between Genders

The ancient and everlasting debate about who has it worse in this world – men or women – is veering off into some curiously compelling corners these days. After thousands of years of predominantly global male sovereignty, and with women still not sharing the full benefits of equality, but having much more freedom and leadership roles than ever before, both sides are slowly running out of controversy.

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The ongoing and eternal War on Women (WoW) in the United States, and lack of female rights in foreign countries, stocks plenty of ammunition needed for consistent replenishment, however. Of course, not all, but many men of the 21st century have adopted the mellow, slightly misanthropic point of view with women of “the battle was lost before it even started.”

The “women are always right – end of debate” notion stems from modern societal norms based on a man’s perception of a woman’s emotions and ability, or lack there of, to communicate. Additionally, many men would argue that its not a judgment of character, but rather a desire to avoid confrontation and sleeping on the couch at night that creates this impression.

Of course these are all generalizations and not specific to any ONE relationship. Nevertheless, if a man says women have it better, it’s most likely self-fulfilling.

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Although the sentiment mentioned prior is rather contemporary, it has prevailed for thousands of years. For instance, there exists an ancient Egyptian text detailing a pharaoh’s gripes with his queen shortly after completing a prized pyramid structure.

The space was purposed as a gentlemen’s den, or man-cave, as it would be known today, yet his queen persuaded him to turn it into a walk-in closet, simply because she just didn’t have enough space in the royal boudoir. Seriously, look it up…

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All this being said – the debate lives on! Man vs. Woman – who’s got it worse? One battleground trending in feminist circles lately is this ticklish question – which gender suffers most when it comes to shaving? A recent, seemingly innocuous article, from Cosmopolitan magazine debated whether or not women should use men’s razors, and ended up summarizing the weapons women deploy with this argument:

  • Women have to shave 18 times more skin area than men.
  • Men’s razors are sharper
  • Men’s razors are prettier
  • There’s a conspiracy among the male-dominated shaving accessories industry to deliberately design women’s shaving equipment to be inferior, as a sneaky way to keep them in a submissive position

On the other side of no-man’s land (pun intended) the men weakly counter with these couple of firecrackers:

  • Men have to shave every day
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Despite the fact that the above statements aren’t necessarily true (women’s skin is much more sensitive, and women’s razors are just as sharp) who do you THINK is ultimately going to win this battle? The article was written in Cosmo for pete’s sake…

There’s no question women have a lot more surface area to shave. However, it IS ironic, ladies, to hear the argument being made at times by feminist activists who haven’t shaved in years. Are men’s razors sharper? That’s a silly notion, and as the article admits, the blades are the same in the male and female versions.

As to whether a conspiracy exists in the shaving industry to make women suffer – who knows? After seeing what the cigarette and pharmaceutical industries have been up to, anything’s possible I suppose – but not likely.

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Let’s look into the aesthetic argument for one second – is a man’s razor REALLY more physically appealing than a woman’s? Let’s consider one of the most popular brand categories for both the sexes, the Braun shaver.

Perusing the current line of Braun’s men’s shavers, one can see they come in a wide variety of stylish and sophisticated designs, with macho names like CoolTec, cruZer, and WaterFlex, and a lot of clever accessories. Guys like neat gear with a space-age look, and these products are clearly made to appeal to that demographic.

Then, consider a women’s line of Braun epilator, like the Braun Silk epil. Seemingly, the series is meant to appeal more to women based off of a combination of general female interests – again the operative word being GENERAL. But it can be assumed that Braun did extensive market research before choosing the name, color, and designs, when trying to create a product that appeals to women.

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Both men and women need to invest in a shaver if they intend on keeping their dermis smooth. Both men and women purchase shaving accessories like shaving gel and moisturizer to ease their newly balded skin. Aesthetics of shavers are a matter of opinion, and truly, at the end of the day – does it really matter if your shaver looks like something out of Robocop? No. Buy a shaver that WORKS.

Nevertheless, the answer is OBVIOUSLY clear. Men will just have to surrender on this point and accept that women have it harder. As usual. Just kidding – we all have hardships – accept it and live happily!