49% Off Sportsstuff Water Float for Two ($34 Savings!)

Sportsstuff Noodler deal

Sportstuff Deal – What You Get:

49% Off discount ($34 savings) + A Sportstuff favorite, the Noodler Lounge, a noodle lounger for two!

 How It Works:

With this Sportstuff discount, you get a lounger generously created for two.

Rather than any regular two-person water float, the Noodler Lounger combines the best two floating lounge chairs and a water noodle, together creating a water float that best balances weight with two occupants.

A built in cup holder on the Noodler Lounge allows you to enjoy the mesh seating while floating in the water and taking in the sun. 

Who Needs It?

Love to lounge in the water but hate to constantly stay vertical?

Are you looking to actually interact with others as you float in the water?

This water float is the perfect fun in the sun toy, and acts as conversation starter, tanner, and much more.

Better yet, the Noodle Lounger fits virtually anyone! The Noodler is manufactured though a high quality process using with top of the line materials. The result? A heavy duty performance water float!

Why We Love This Deal!

We love to kick back and relax, but – just as much – we also love to interact. This water float finally allows us to do both.

It’s perfect for relaxation at the pool, beach, or lake, and with built-in cup holders and extra comfy mesh seating, the Sportstuff discount is our ticket to serenity.

Sportstuff Discount Details:

Regular price: $68.99

Sale price: $34.99

Savings: $34.00 or 49%!

PLUS get free same day shipping for a limited time only!

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