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Ouch! Never Slip on Ice Again: Introducing Muck Boots

You may go online and search or see countless videos of people slipping and falling this time of year. The main culprit? Ice. The videos are passed off simply as another comical event, shared in order to elicit a laugh or two– but let me tell you friends – there is nothing funny about plummeting face-first into the solid ground below. Especially when it happens to you…, muck boots, winter footwear, affordable winter boots

The dangers of slipping on ice are very real and can leave significant physical damage that lasts for years, especially for those that are elderly or disabled. Yet, no matter WHO you are, you are not immune to the potential neck brace or broken wrist that can come from a good fall. For this reason, it is always important to wear sturdy, durable shoes with a good tread when you are venturing outdoors.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – a safe shoe is a clunky shoe. This thought, however, is dated! Well-treaded shoes don’t have to be dowdy or plain, there are plenty of fashionable winter boots out there, and with a little searching, you can certainly find a pair that suits your own personal style., muck boots, winter footwear, best boots

The important thing though, is not only to find good winter boots, but to wear them whenever you go outside, even if you are just walking to the bus stop or to your car. Carry your work shoes with you and put them on when you are safely indoors at work, but wear your boots when you’re in transit. This will greatly reduce the possibility of an accident that could have easily been prevented!

Why People Fall, muck boots, winter footwear, durable shoes

A person can fall for a variety of reasons. If you’re like me, you may not have good balance to begin with, but problems can range from mobility issues to sheer bad luck. However, the most common reasons for slipping are:

  • Rushing (slow down!)
  • Not paying attention or looking where you are going
  • Not wearing appropriate footwear, muck boots, winter footwear, fashionable winter boots, Arctic Excursion Ankle Boots

For most people who slip, all three of these scenarios are easily remedied with a little attention, slowing down, and wearing some winter boots that are specifically designed for snow and ice, like The Original Muck Boot Company’s Arctic Excursion Ankle Boots. This men’s boot is waterproof and has a great anti-slip tread that’s designed especially for icy conditions.

Broken Bones and Injuries, muck boots, winter footwear, hiking boots, hunting boots

Broken bones are a very common result of slipping on ice. Often when a person slips their ankle or foot can become twisted or fractured. There are many very tiny bones in the foot and ankle, making it is easy for them to break, especially when put under that type of stress.

What’s more, if there is a lot of swelling, an x-ray may not pick up a break right away. Many people don’t even find a break or fracture in the tiny bones of the ankle until days or even weeks later. This can lead to long term problems. The most common areas for broken bones and injuries from falling on ice include:

  • Ankle
  • Foot
  • Back
  • Head
  • Tailbone, muck boots, winter footwear, rubber boots

When it comes to winter, foot fashion is often favored in lieu of safety, which some people think they prefer. Yet, when it comes to choosing between broken bones and wearing pretty shoes overall, you might want to consider the former.

However, like we mentioned before – you no longer have to choose between the two! Shoe brands like Muck Boots offer some very attractive, very affordable winter boots. The Hale Winter Knit Multi-Season Boot for example, is waterproof, keeps your feet warm, has unbeatable tread, and looks super stylish. You now have no excuse!

Soft Tissue and Joint Damage, muck boots, winter footwear, winter boots

When you fall, soft tissue and joint damage is a possibility that could remain with you for the rest of your life. You can tear tendons or cause significant deterioration to your ankles or knees. Often, an x-ray will not pick up torn tendons or ligaments, meaning you could continue to walk on the injury causing further harm.

When venturing outdoors, prevent injury and choose the best boots for the job. A quality pair of hiking boots or hunting boots will give you support and provide good tread so you can remain stable as you walk. For other winter activities you may choose a warm comfortable style, like the Women’s Arctic Weekend Mid Winter by Muck Boots. These boots are a lifesaver that have great tread and will grip the ice to keep you from slipping – thereby bypassing serious injury.

Choosing Footwear, muck boots, winter footwear, best winter footwear


Choosing good winter footwear is not difficult. Simply look for boots that are designed to handle winter weather – i.e. tread. You want them to have the waterproof features of rubber boots, but also keep your feet warm and provide excellent traction to prevent falls. Remember, when it comes to winter boots, fashion comes second, but with Muck Boots, you no longer have to choose between the two!