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Trimmers vs. Shavers: The Ultimate Pruning Experience

New to the facial hair world? Aren’t quite sure how to tackle your current style of epic lumberjack-y burliness? Whether facing either of these extremes, or caught somewhere in the middle, we’re here to help!

Before you can undertake the emotional moment of a first-ever shave, or shear off your precious facial locks, it’s important to understand the gadgets and gizmos you’ll need to accomplish the feat successfully.

Thus, we arrive at the premier question: WHAT is the difference between a trimmer and a shaver? You hear the intermingling of the two words all the time, often probably incorrectly, but need to know the difference for such a momentous occasion! Fortunately, there are a variety of Braun men’s shavers and trimmers to choose from to turn you from disheveled to dapper in a jiffy.

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The primary distinction between quality trimmers and shavers is that trimmers LITERALLY cut and trim the hair to a specific adjustable length (depending on the trimmer model), while shavers – you guessed it – shave!

If you’re the kind of guy who’s looking for an extra-close shear, then a traditional electric shaver is right for you. Only need to prune up your outermost hedges for cousin Annie’s wedding? Trimmers are all that will be required.

When it comes to looking good, you know you’ve got to keep trim – both around the waist AND on your face! Of course, you should let your beard grow out if you like the style, but for hygienic purposes, it still needs to be washed and trimmed on a regular basis.

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There is truly an endless list of model sizes and infinite attachments and accessories that can be connected to trimmers and work together with Braun shavers. Each attachment has a purpose, like leaving the hair longer or shorter through use of an adjustable comb, as does the Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Groomer, or removing annoying unwanted ear and nose hair with a Braun EN10.

For some hair removal purposes, both a trimmer and razor may be mandatory. Pruning one’s face or body hair depends not only on the preference of the user, but the thickness, length and location of the hair itself.

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If you’re going to stick with the current hipster beard-loving trends of today, you’ll definitely want to invest in a high-quality trimmer.Trimmers tend to be smaller in size than clippers, which are generally used on head hair, because they are meant to emphasize precision trims across the face region.

Additionally, there are a variety of attachments that modify your trimmer so that the device can reach into and around those tough mustache, side-burn and chin areas.

If you are itching to shape your beard with precise detail, try out the Braun Cruzer 6 Precision for expertly crafted fine lines. This model even comes fully washable and with a non-slip grip for wet or dry use.

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When it comes to getting that baby-smooth face or body shave, you’ll want to invest in an effective Braun shaver. Shavers are designed to be a bit larger than trimmers, and they usually have even more alternate attachment options.

Because quality shavers are powerful and allow you to adjust how much hair there is to be removed, these nifty tools are perfect for areas of the body with large surface, like the chest or back, where you may want to retain some of the hair but not an entire forest.

For the ultimate shaver experience, we recommend you try the new Braun 9090cc Series 9. With a quadruple action cutting system, 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute, and a 5-angle, adjustable, multi-head lock function, this Braun Shaver is the filet mignon of shavers. It even comes with an alcohol-based clean and charge station for self washing and drying at the touch of a button.

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Now that your eating, sleeping, breathing shaving tools, your wondering – which hair grooming piece do I invest in first? The truth – it depends on your style! You know that trimmers should be designated to the facial areas, whereas shavers are usually best for the arms, chest, and back.

Although you may eventually need for shaver, if you are new the mane game, you’ll most likely want to invest in trimmers firstly so that you can adjust your beard or chest hair to an appropriate length before deciding to go the bald route. No matter your body hair goals, there’s no denying that shavers and trimmers will likely be needed!

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