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Understanding Your Options: The Best Dedicated Servers for Startups

For businesses that have recently developed websites and don’t currently have a lot of traffic, shared hosting services can be of the utmost benefit. For instance, with shared hosting comes the ability to store a website on the same server as many other websites. Because of this, there is a greatly reduced cost associated with maintaining the server, and even better? The service provider will be the one performing the maintenance.

For companies that have a lot of traffic, it’s especially a strong choice to switch to a dedicated tower server. Why you may ask? Let’s take a look at a few of the best dedicated servers in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant series – and just how they can support you and your new or growing small business.

HPE Enterprise ProLiant Servers



It doesn’t matter where your core business workloads are off to, HPE ProLiant servers want to take you there. Boasting intelligent on-board diagnostics, a centralized control dashboard, exceptional reliability, and the ability to provide optimal performance for tiered workloads, these servers are your go-to solution for website hosting.

With the ability to choose between various types of tower servers, you gain the ability to expand as needed, all the while allocating your resources in the best manner possible.

Where to Begin


If you’re in need of an entry-level server, you’ll want to start off with an HP Enterprise MicroServer, like the HPE ProLiant ML10 v2 Micro Server Tower. Rack servers are also a good fit for entry-level performance. As your needs grow and your employee population and database expands, you can scale upward by investing in tower servers. For your most demanding workloads, you’ll want to use Scale-up x86 Servers.


Networking concept

It’s with an HPE ProLiant Server that you can experience a seamless experience across all of your HP devices. This allows your workflow to be both smoother and more productive. With management software and customizable options, as well as an assortment of consulting and support services, you can take comfort in knowing that all of your server needs will be met.

Your IT service delivery will be greatly accelerated thanks to a bird’s eye view of your server environment, allowing issues to be pinpointed and addressed before they lead to costly downtime.

Newest Technology – HPE Gen 9



An excellent SMB server in the HP Enterprise ProLiant series is the HPE Proliant ML350 Gen9. Well known as the world’s best-selling server, the Gen9 was able to achieve an astonishing five records on the SPECjbb2013 benchmark of standard performance evaluation. With this server you’ll enjoy an IT infrastructure that is always up and running according to its optimal performance capabilities.

And for your small business needs…

With a smaller, more practical option, the HPE ProLiant ML10 v2 Server, you’ll get a standalone server that features affordability and flexibility. Great for small businesses that operate within a small network environment, this entry-level HP Enterprise tower server has a low acquisition cost and optimized computing capabilities. Designed to support increased bandwidth and a total of up to six hard disk drives, this server delivers sufficient storage and advanced technology for all of your entry-level network needs.

The Takeaway

HP Execute Vice President Dave Donatelli

As you can see, your options are virtually endless when it comes to hosting your own server. HPE ProLiant servers are among the best of the best and feature the technology needed to ensure your network stays up and running even during a disaster. With the best dedicated server, your company can finally start to scale and grow like it’s always wanted to.