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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Proliant Servers: What Is a Server and Why Do I Need One?

While referring to the best dedicated servers, like the top quality models from Hewlett Packard Enterprise Proliant Servers, you might think of high-end desktop PCs, when in fact, tower servers are actually machines that are designed for an entirely different, and incredibly important, set of tasks.

A quality SMB Server, like the HPE ProLiant ML10 v2 Microserver, can be used to help business of all shapes and sizes achieve streamlined operations, improved security, enhanced data backup, and a multitude of other features. But before we become too carried away with the benefits of a server, let’s examine its definition and purpose.

So, What Exactly IS a Server?



A server uses a highly specialized operating system, computer, and/or computer program used to support a multitude of users. It is designed to run multi-user applications, such as messaging, email, shared calendar programs, databases, and customer relationship management software. In this concept, a server makes it easier for your employees to share data and collaborate to achieve business success.


A dedicated server system is the central repository for all of your company’s documents, contacts, images, and other important files. Servers can also host a company intranet, so that your employees can quickly and securely share their data. A server is strategically engineered to store, manage, send, and process data 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 356 days per year; it never stops working!

Why Should Your Business Choose an HPE Proliant Server?



When you are choosing a server for your business it is important to note that each quality HPE Proliant Server will include a different set of features. Servers will typically include:

  • Duel processors.
  • Redundant hard drives.
  • Redundant power supplies.
  • The ability to more efficiently and quickly process data.

server chassis

With these attributes in mind, there are a number of benefits that your business can experience when it purchases and installs a server.

  • File and Network Security — Servers provide improved network security. It creates both individual and user group accounts, so that data can be safely stored on the network. The segmentation of data also helps to keep unauthorized users from accessing materials that they should not be viewing.
  • Increased Reliability — Servers are designed to run every hour of every day. This means that dedicated tower servers are equipped with redundant power supplies, so that they can keep functioning no matter the extenuating circumstances. In this vein, servers are built to be both durable and reliable, so that your company’s data can be safely stored, accessed, managed, and monitored in a timely and effective manner.
  • Centralized Data Storage and Shared Resources — Servers provide a central location for the company’s important files and data. These resources can easily and securely be shared among employees to improve efficiency and streamline collaborations. The centralized data storage also encapsulates a centralized backup function; so that company data can be securely stored in the event that a PC or other computer crashes. With a dedicated SMB server, your employees’ important files will be saved, so that they can access them from another workstation and continue work. If the latter data was only stored on a PC, then all would be lost in the event of a hardware failure.

A Prime ExampleHP-812128-S01-HP-ML10v2-i3-4150-NHP-Server-img3[1]

One of the best small business servers is the HPE 812130-S01 Micro Tower Server. This model is a 4U HPE tower server  featuring advanced Quad-core Intel Xeon E3-1220 V3 product family processor technology, HP SmartMemory, and 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM. It also has improved workload performance, preventative data loss features, and enhanced power efficiencies.

The 812130-S01 is an outstanding server for use in a multitude of business sectors. With these features in mind, it is clear to see that a server is the reliable choice for security, data back-up, improved connectivity, and enhanced business operations.

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With these benefits in mind it is clear to see that servers are an important part of a company’s Information Technology (IT) solution. Choosing the best server to meet your current and future needs will require you to conduct a thorough analysis of your IT infrastructure. Whether you need multiple servers or a singular solution, HPE Proliant Servers can help you to more effectively achieve business success.