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Tri-tronics Sport training collars are especially designed for the first time training collar owners featuring various levels of both momentary and continuous stimulation. Tri-tronics dog training products provide users with the perfect tools to train their companion. Some pet training models of Tri-tronics have remote activated light on the receiver that allow users to easily locate their dog during dawn and dusk time. Tri-tronics remote trainers feature fingertip control for various stimulation levels which augments it with ultimate versatility for training any kind of dog, mild to stubborn. Tri-tronics dog training equipment also feature waterproof collars and receivers which easily fit on all sizes of dogs. Some Tri-tronics training devices help to safely and effectively stop the unwanted behaviors and immoral conducts among horses. The popular Tri-tronics dog training systems offer beeper collars containing a motion sensor inside of them which is an excellent way to keep up with pointing dogs in heavy cover at longer ranges than a bell. Some Tri-tronics training collars are specifically designed for the upland hunter and bird dog trainer. Tri-tronics features insulated contact points which are used for reliable performance in wet conditions, and compact receiver, and transmitter antenna to maintain the range. Tri-tronics also feature bark limiters which helps in eliminate the nuisance barking of the dog bring relief and peace among the pet owners. Pet owners can now spend time outdoors at night with their dogs with the help of remotely activated Tri-tronics tracer light collars. Tri-tronics pro control releasers system performs on state of the art digital technology. Tri-tronics offers the widest selection of excellent accessories for their electronic dog training systems. The Tri-tronics accessories include receivers, lanyards, straps, batteries, power supply cables and much more.