Minn Kota will soon complete nearly a century of innovating the way your boats run on water. The waters that saw boats with foot pedals now see GPS-controlled trolling motors. All thanks to the dedicated team of engineers and innovators at Minn Kota! Today trolling motors are not just equipment for thrusting the boats on the water, but Minn Kota's innovators have designed it to be something much better.

Why Minn Kota?

Minn Kota provides a range of boating and fishing products and accessories. The best trolling motors for freshwater and saltwater both have Minn Kota engraved. Other than the trolling motors, the brand also produces Talon Anchors, AutoPilots, on-board batteries and chargers, and electric outboard motors. With the best-selling Minn Kota Ultrex, Ulterra, Terrova, and Fortrex series of trolling motors, you can get Mega Down Imaging fish finding technology in-built. Just fish right from your trolling motor!

Minn Kota Gives You More!

Minn Kota exclusive technologies like i-Pilot, Co-Pilot, and Spot-Lock adds new horizons to your fishing adventures and on-the-water time. Throughout the years, the brand has continuously evolved its technologies and innovation proving itself ahead of imagination. What has also evolved together is its consumer base, making it one of the most trusted fishing brands in the markets today.