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Sonicare PowerUp battery toothbrush uses two AA batteries to deliver an exceptional dental cleaning, at par than your manual brush. It produces up to 15,000 brush strokes per minute to remove plaque, reduce cavities and improve your gum health. This battery-powered toothbrush also comes with Sonicare's advanced sonic technology and 2-minute brushing timers. Both of these features help the toothbrush to activate a healthy and thorough oral care routine every day. The PowerUp toothbrush's battery lasts for up to 120 2-minute brushing cycles. Check out our exclusive category to shop for Sonicare PowerUp battery toothbrushes online right now, only from FactoryOutletStore.

A month of manual brushing in a day

The battery-powered Sonicare PowerUp toothbrush has a design that is as easy to use as your manual toothbrush. However, the results it delivers are far better than the manual one. The Sonicare PowerUp battery toothbrush offers a superior dental cleaning experience, helping us reduce cavities, remove plaque, and maintain gum health. It produces more strokes in a single day than a manual brush would in the entire month. It also efficiently removes more plaque than your manual brush every day. The PowerUp battery toothbrush is safe and suitable for use on all your dental works.

Simple, Gentle, Superior

Sonicare PowerUp battery toothbrushes are simple to use, gentle on your gums and teeth and promise a superior cleaning. They have a brush head shape similar to your manual brush and produce a familiar brushing motion too. With its gentle cleaning actions, the toothbrush effectively improves your gum health. Brushing for the recommended time duration of 2 minutes twice daily helps in efficient plaque removal and prevents cavities. So, are you ready to start a simple, gentle, yet superior dental cleaning routine? Buy the Sonicare PowerUp battery toothbrushes online right now from our curated category on FactoryOutletStore.