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Chartplotters use high-accuracy GPS with detailed marine maps to help you plot routes to your destination and monitor your boat's position on the waters. It provides vital navigation information, like the heading, speed, direction, to keep you updated with the boat's movement relative to your surroundings. Chartplotters use advanced marine charts to offer a visual representation of your surroundings, helping you plot the way to your destination. With live-tracking, plotting, and easy-to-use functionality, these advanced navigation systems become a cost-effective tool, must-have onboard any watercraft. Check out our curated category on to shop for the chartplotters by top marine brands to innovate your on-the-water navigation.

Ready to remove the uncertainty over the waters?

GPS chartplotters have large, bright displays, offering a crisp-clear visual representation of your surroundings in the form of maps. They help you plot the route to your destination, say your favorite fishing spot, right from the display. With waypoints, you can avoid hazardous areas or shallow creeks and waters while plotting the way. A chartplotter utilizes high-accuracy GPS to pinpoints your boat's position on the charts. As you navigate to the destination, it also tracks your boat's speed, heading, bearing, and direction to calculate your distance and time to the next waypoint. Chartplotters also bring internal memory space to let you save or store your frequent or favorite routes with several waypoints. Besides, they also come with SD card slots, helping you add additional storage to upgrade your maps and charts.

An advanced onboard marine system

A chartplotter can do much more than mere navigation of your boat. It can also work as a multi-function display, combining sonar, radar, and other marine technologies to create an advanced onboard system. Chartplotters combine with sonar to offer innovative visuals of both under and over-water areas. Marine brands manufacture fishfinder chartplotter combos that can deliver both benefits. They also help utilize the benefits of technologies like AutoPilots, integrating with advanced GPS-supported trolling motors. Using Autopilot, you can create a route through the chartplotter for your boat to follow, and the trolling motor will do it precisely.