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Manual downriggers have a hand winch that helps them raise or release the cable and weight in the water. They are most suitable for anglers using small boats and perhaps want to take their fishing lines, not "too deep" in the waters. A manual downrigger is lightweight, compact, portable, and easy to use. Moreover, they are also easy to mount, suitable in case you use a rental boat for your fishing adventures. They take up less space on your stern, ensuring comfort even when you are fishing on a small boat. At, we have curated an exclusive category where you can shop for manual downriggers online. Check it out!

Improving your fishing efficiency!

Downriggers help you improve your fishing efficiency, letting you take the fishing line and bait down to a considerable depth. In summers, when fishes prefer cold water and move deep, a downrigger takes your fishing line to that depth. As you move ahead on the waters, the fishing line drags behind, losing its depth. Downriggers make your fishing line immune to this drag of the boat. Using the manual crank of a manual downrigger, you can lower the weight into the waters helping your attached fishing line reach the depths that fish prefer. During any season, if you want to fish deeper, downriggers help you do it efficiently.

Lightweight and convenient - like you want it to be!

Manual downriggers have a lesser footprint and are portable and lightweight. Their compact design is one of their best advantages, helping you even transfer the equipment from one boat to the other with ease. Manual downriggers offer features like saltwater-resistant constructions, universal mounting bases, high-speed retrieval capabilities, and much more. Browse this category on to explore and buy manual downriggers for your fishing adventure today.