Rand McNally enhances your road trips and vacations or RV adventures with its ultimate RV GPS tablets. With a range of RV-friendly features, Rand McNally RV GPS tablets keep you connected on and off the road. They provide you with custom routing based on the vehicle, trip planning, and various RV-friendly campsites and POIs, enhancing the trip in every way. The advanced RV navigators, like the OverDryve 7 RV, also provides hands-free calling and texts, web browsing, music streaming, and more.

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Who doesn't love going out on vacations with friends or family? With the top-rated Rand McNally RV GPS tablets, your RV adventures can be much more entertaining, joyful, safe, and convenient. First, it provides you with the best routes to the destination based on your RV's or towable trailer's size, height, and weight. Next, it efficiently guides you through the roads, lanes, complex intersections, and junctions, making your journey safe. It also brings preloaded millions of RV-friendly points of interest to check out on the way. With Wi-Fi connectivity, it also ensures to keep its maps and database updated with time.

Award-winning RV Navigation by Rand McNally

Rand McNally is a legendary brand with over 150 years of experience in navigation technology. From the top-rated truck GPS to the best car and RV GPS tablet, the brand infuses its award-winning navigation routing in its devices. Rand McNally's dedicated RV GPS tablets come with lifetime maps with exclusive trip content, locations, and amenities that come handy on your adventures. Input your vehicle's characteristics, and the RV tablets create a custom path that is safe, convenient, and efficient.

The Most Advanced RV GPS in the World

Aside from its navigation-specific features, Rand McNally RV GPS navigators also pair with your smartphone to bring all your calling, text, and notifications on the dashboard. It offers a hands-free operation to manage your phone calls while you drive. The Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV, one of the brand's most advanced devices, also has an in-built dash camera to record traffic incidents. Moreover, when you are not driving, the device becomes your android tablet powered by its powerful processor. You can access your favorite apps, emails, play games, stream music and podcasts, and do much more. Buy a Rand McNally RVND or OverDryve GPS tablet now, and make way for safe and efficient navigation, and entertainment together.