When Max Braun founded Braun, he manufactured components for radios in his small engineering shop. As the company grew, the brand laid its hands on producing personal care products such as shavers, trimmers, and razors. Today, Braun is a leader in personal care electronics, establishing itself as the producer of the best electric shavers for men and women in the market.

Your favorite innovations and designs!

Braun is a consumer-favorite brand for the men's and women's grooming and personal care sector. The brand has a name for its innovations and designs that have continued to revolutionize the industry even today. From manufacturing the first dry foil shaver, back in 1950, to Braun's latest Series 9 electric razor, the brand has shown the world what innovation means.

Efficient, flawless, and exceptional!

Braun's men and women grooming product line to deliver the same - a flawless, efficient, and exceptional performance. The first shaver for women that Braun launched in 1971 was a modified redesign of a successful men's shaver from the brand. Today, Braun's entire product line has unique and progressively innovative designs. The credit of this goes to the brand's vision that led it to become a design icon for the world and as your favorite.