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Saltwater fishing needs intense energy and dedication infused for a powerful and efficient performance. MotorGuide Saltwater trolling motors come inbuilt with quality and reliability to help you in the task. Its corrosion-resistant hardware ensures a longer serving life in harsh saltwater environments. MotorGuide saltwater motors are powerful yet the quietest in their class. Moreover, they also support advanced technologies like GPS remote control, helping you enjoy distinct freedom while fishing. Check out this exclusive category on to shop for the latest MotorGuide Saltwater trolling motors online.

Your saltwater workhorse!

No wonder saltwater fishing is one of the most preferred recreational activities in the US, leaving behind several sports. When you set out on the saltwater, the challenges are way different and the fun, extreme. And look who's here to help - MotorGuide! The brand brings you an advanced lineup in its Xi5, Xi3, X5, X3, R5, R3, and wireless series motors. These trolling motors deliver reliable performance, are durable, and also bring a host of innovative features. It includes a quick-release system, Digital Power Management, chartplotter integration, inbuilt GPS, and much more. Moreover, the brand also has wireless remotes for GPS-controlled trolling through the waters. So, while you focus on fishing, your saltwater workhorse will ensure you cruise the proper fishing spots.

Never lose control - let MotorGuide troll!

With MotorGuide saltwater motors, your boat is always in your control, even while you're busy fishing. The brand's innovative technology has produced handheld controllers, foot pedals, and GPS navigation options that ensure that you never lose control. Besides, the latest motors are compatible for integration with chartplotters. MotorGuide trolling motors give you effortless, instantly responsive controlling, and unmatched agility. With digital power management, the brand claims a battery life that runs up to five times longer. Standing tall on your every need, trolling performance guaranteed - welcome your MotorGuide saltwater trolling motor today! Shop now right from our exclusive category on