Polar Heart Rate Monitors and Sports Watches

Since 1977, Polar is adding new dimensions to the fitness gadgets industry, innovating how you understand your body's health and fitness journey. Polar designs the best heart rate monitors in the market used by athletes, sportspersons, and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. The brand's heart rate sensors are known as the gold standard of heart rate tracking by users and researchers alike. With their innovative approach in designing electronic gadgets and expertise in sports and physiology, Polar has proved that it takes a heart rate sensor to win your heart.

Accurate, reliable & trusted

The advanced Polar multisports watches and heart rate sensors are the result of its ambitious and highly talented innovators, passionate about health and fitness. These products help you get under the skin of your training, providing you valuable data that helps you monitor how hard your body is working. Polar heart rate sensors are the most accurate, reliable, and trusted gadgets for heart rate tracking. They also connect to your sports watch, bike computers, other gym equipment to help you monitor your heart rate during these activities. Moreover, the intuitive Polar Beat app turns your smartphone into a fitness tracker, helping you plan, train, and analyze your performance easily.

Understanding your body's call

Polar has mastered the art of understanding what your body wants to tell you. Just listening to it is altogether different - most activity trackers can do that. Polar's advanced product range understands your body and helps you improve your sports or athletic performance. It further helps you enjoy a healthy lifestyle with all the essential support and advice. With the help of Polar's innovative product line, not just athletes and sportspersons, everyone can boost their fitness, get help in rehabilitation and weight management. Therefore, the brand commands the power to transform your health and fitness to the one that you desire. So, are you ready to understand your body's call?