IntelliRoute TND 530LM - 5" Truck GPS with Free Lifetime Maps

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Brand: Rand McNally

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Prepare yourself for the road ahead with advanced features of the Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND 530LM Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps. You can easily navigate to your desired places and not have to worry about low bridges and residential routes.... (Full Description)

Additional Product Details

Prepare yourself for the road ahead with advanced features of the Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND 530LM Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps. You can easily navigate to your desired places and not have to worry about low bridges and residential routes. The fast processor helps in quick route calculation, route comparisons, and faster transitions. With excellent features like the updated look, advanced lane guidance, toll costs, and Wi-Fi connected services, this Truck GPS Navigation System helps drivers plan the most efficient routes overcoming traffic and other issues.

Get truck routing information on the wide-screen 5-inch display offering sharp representations. Find the shortest path with multi-stops, so you spend less time driving and more time doing. You can add up to 50 stops and preview your entire route. Easily track destinations using addresses, ZIP codes, and latitude & longitude provided to you. The Wi-Fi® connected services offer information about weather conditions, fuel prices, local business or restaurant search, and lifetime traffic updates. The Truck GPS TND™ 530 LM comes with a windshield mount with a suction cup, vehicle charger, USB cable, and a quick start guide.

Set customizable warnings and alerts for speed limit changes, sharp curves, service & maintenance alerts, and more. With expanded address book functionality, select icons to be displayed on the map, and import address books from other GPS devices. The Rand McNally TND530LM IntelliRoute 5” Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps offers additional benefits like millions of POI listings, junction view, RoadWork™ construction updates, video input for backup cameras, and preloaded maps of US & Canada. Enjoy traveling to your favored places with lifetime map updates.

TND530LM Features:

  • GPS Vehicle Navigation System
  • 5" Widescreen Display
  • FREE! Lifetime Map Updates
  • Truck-Specific Routing
  • Virtual Dashboard
  • Traffic Everywhere
  • Junction View
  • Preloaded maps of US & Canada
  • Multi-Stop Entire Route Preview
  • Find Destinations By:
    - Address
    - Zip Code
    - Latitude & Longitude
  • Customizable Warnings
    - Set Warnings for Speed Limit Changes, Sharp Curves & More
    - Set Display Preferences & Warning Distance
  • Enhanced Help, Tips & FAQ
  • Cross-Reference to Printed Atlas
  • RoadWork™ Construction Updates
  • Export State-by-State & Province Mileage
  • Video Input - For Back-up Cameras
  • Enhanced Quick Planner
    - Calculate Mileage & Profitability Between any 2 Places
  • Expanded Address Book Functionality
    - Select Icons to Display on Map
    - Import Address Books from Computer or Other GPS Devices via Dock™
  • Millions of POI Listings
    - Truck Stops, Weigh Stations, Service & Repair Stations
  • Exits Quick View
  • Mile Markers
  • "Bread-Crumb" Trails
  • Service & Maintenance Alerts

General Features:

Wi-Fi® Connected Services:
  • Weather: Show current conditions and forecast, or choose from 10 different map overlays, including precipitation and wind speed
  • Fuel prices: View fuel prices on the map, or search by price, fuel type, or brand
  • Local search: Find local businesses, restaurants, and more by name or keyword
  • Lifetime Traffic Everywhere: Get traffic information, even in rural areas

Note: Premium services available for purchase on the Rand McNally Dock™

Enhanced Features:
  • Advanced lane guidance - Be prepared for what's ahead, whether you're approaching a turn or heading through a complicated intersection
  • Toll costs - View estimated toll costs and compare routes without tolls
  • Avoid list - Avoid entire route, road, or area
  • Route comparison — Choose between a primary and alternate route
  • Fuel log - Track fuel purchases by date and by state; calculate current and average fuel economy
  • Team driving support - Keep timers and mileage separately for two team members
  • Address book - Choose icons to display on the map; import address books from your computer or other GPS devices via the Dock™
  • Quick Planner - Calculate mileage and profitability between any two cities or towns
  • Warnings - Set warnings for upcoming speed limit changes, sharp curves, and more; set display preferences and warning distance
  • Destination entry - Find by address, zip code, or latitude and longitude
  • Video input - For back-up cameras Help, tips & FAQs for on-board assistance

Truck Content:
  • Timers - Keep on-duty and driving timers
  • Mileage - Record mileage and view by date or by state/province; export to a spreadsheet via the Dock™
  • Virtual Dashboard - Easily access key metrics to monitor progress and productivity, such as sunrise and sunset time, trip progress, and yard time; keep track of mileage with multiple odometers
  • Multi-stop routing - Add up to 50 stops and preview the entire route; optimize routing for up to 10 stops
  • "Bread-crumb" trails -Record and display the paths you've traveled, on or off roads
  • Service and maintenance alerts
  • Calendar and notepad

Truck Content:
  • Customizable map display: Select and display specific POIs, address book icons and color
  • Millions of POI listings: Detailed information on truck stops, weigh stations, service and repair
  • Select services: Filter search results for truck stops and service locations by the amenities available
  • Junction view with lane assist: 3-D display with lane guidance for managing complex interchanges
  • Exits Quick View: Display amenities at upcoming exits
  • Mile markers: Display along your route and use to mark important locations
  • Advanced lane guidance and junction views
  • RoadWork™ construction updates: View major construction projects along your route, and calculate detours as necessary
  • Rand McNally’s proprietary truck data derived from more than 70 years in the commercial transportation industry

The Rand Advantage:
  • Tell Rand: Our continuous improvement process incorporates driver feedback from suggestions entered right on the device
  • Cross-references to Rand McNally’s printed Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas
  • Quick Planner: Time and distance calculator
  • Toll Costs: View toll costs and compare routes without tolls

  • Rand McNally IntelliRoute® TND™ 530 LM
  • Windshield mount with suction cup
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Vehicle charger
  • USB cable

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