PetSafe Containment Accessories

The PetSafe containment accessories feature replacement collars, wire and flag kits, lightning protectors, and Petsafe replacement batteries. The replacement collars allow you replace old or lost collars, or add more pets to your system. With the wire and flag kits you can extend your containment boundary or add dead zones.

Petsafe Accessories

Our site also carries lightning protectors that guard electronic pet containment system transmitters against lightning strikes. It can be plugged directly into the wall outlet with the transmitter's power transformer plugged directly into the side. The protector also has easy to see power indicator, which shows that the power is on and the protection is still working. Browse through the replacement Petsafe batteries for a backup supply in the event your dog collar powers down. These Petsafe dog containment device batteries offer long lasting performance and are built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Petsafe accessories will help you maintain your pet containment systems in top shape to ensure that your pet is safe at all times.