Marine Fish Finders & Chartplotters

Fishfinders and chartplotters are among the must-have onboard marine equipment for your on-the-water adventures. Both utilize high-quality displays to show valuable information like sonar imaging and marine charts while you are on the boat. Most of the time, brands manufacture combos with both fishfinding and chartplotting capabilities, offering you the benefits of both in one. Fishfinders show detailed, crisp-clear sonar imaging of the underwater world based on the type of transducers you use. Similarly, chartplotters offer you a crisp-clear, detailed visual representation of your surrounding in the form of marine maps. Chartplotters also utilize GPS technology to provide vital navigation information, including the position, heading, speed of your boat.

Finding fishes made easy!

Marine fishfinders use sonar technology to produce a representation of the underwater world on its display. Sonar, short for Sound Navigation And Ranging, employs sound waves to discover the underwater world. Everything from submerged objects to the seabed becomes visible on your fishfinder screen. It helps you identify structures and fishes below your boat, providing relevant information on where to place your baits. The latest sonar transducers also come with technology to scan beside and even 360-degree around the boat. Hence, locating fish is not a guesswork anymore. When you buy a fish finder, you are a step ahead on the waters and able to make calculated decisions about where you can find the most catches.

Plotting your way on the waters

GPS chartplotters have bright LED or LCD screens where they show you a crisp-clear representation of your surrounding in the form of charts. You can plot a detailed way to your destination, with waypoints to help you avoid hazardous areas or shallow creeks and waters. Chartplotters work in real-time. Hence, as it pinpoints your boat's position, it collects the data like the speed, heading, bearing, and direction, to calculate your distance and time to the next waypoint. These devices also let you save or store your frequent or favorite routes, with several waypoints, in their internal memory. Moreover, they also come with SD card slots, helping you to upgrade your maps and charts. Advanced marine chartplotters also help you utilize the benefits of advanced technologies like AutoPilots.