VHF Radios

VHF Radios or Very High Frequency (VHF) marine radios let you instantly communicate with other boats, marinas, or even coast guards. These radios offer the functionality of a cellphone on coastal waters where your cell networks would not work and are a primary means of communication for those areas. VHF radios also provide you with weather alerts and updates to ensure your safety on the waters. Moreover, they are also the go-to communication when reporting or responding to any emergencies. Various brands manufacture advanced fixed-mount and handheld marine VHF radios to help you transmit and receive messages on the waters. Check out this category on FactoryOutletStore.com to explore and shop for marine VFH radios online right now.

Reliable communication system away from land

Marine VHF radios are the most reliable communication system on the waters. They offer various functions, characteristics, and features favorable for the relay of messages from coastal waters. The main advantage of having one on board is that marine VHF radios are "one to many" communication systems. So, when you are broadcasting on the emergency channel 16, every VHF radio in the area can receive or listen to your message. During emergencies, this becomes a life-saving benefit, letting assistance come in as quickly as possible. Similarly, you can run to the rescue of someone in dire need, responding to an emergency call from your area.

Buy Marine VHF Radios Online

There are two types of marine VHF radios - fixed mount and handheld VHF radios. Fixed-mount VHF radios are easy to install and run on your vessel's electrical system. Hence, they offer a better, interruption-free transmission than handheld radios powered by rechargeable batteries. Handheld marine VHF radios provide the flexibility of operation from anywhere you are on the vessel. Besides, in case your vessels' electrical system fails, these radios can still work standalone. When buying a marine VHF radio, you must look for advanced features like Digital Selective Calling, Automatic Identification System, built-in GPS, Weather Alerts, etc. At FactoryOutletStore, you can explore more features in a marine VHF radio and shop the one that best suits your needs.