Handheld VHF Radios

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Handheld marine VHF radios offer the flexibility of operation from anywhere on the boat. Being the primary means of communication on the waters, they provide a seamless transmission and reception of the frequencies away from land. Handheld marine radios offer two major advantages: portability and the ability to work standalone. They carry their separate antennas and batteries. Hence, you can use handheld radios from anywhere and during any emergencies. Especially when your boat's electrical system breaks down, handheld radios are a life-saving system that can summon help just when required. In this exclusive category on FactoryOutletStore.com, you can explore and shop for advanced handheld marine VHF radios online right now.

Portability and performance in need!

Marine handheld radios are your trusted communication partners away from the land, where even cell networks fail. Handheld VHF radios are portable, have their antennas and battery backup, hence working standalone. These radios also offer features like waterproofing, rugged construction to tackle the shortcomings of any handheld device. Besides, all the essential traits of any marine radio system come in-built in handheld VHF radios. It includes up to 5W of transmit power, all-day battery backup, display, built-in GPS, DSC, and more. Hence, in a small compact design, handheld marine VHF radios deliver the portability and performance you need on the waters.

Buy handheld marine VHF radios online

Fixed-mount radios offer more transmit power and derive their power from the vessel's electrical system. It is, therefore, more powerful than a handheld one. However, in any emergency, if your boat's electrical system is compromised, fixed-mount radios won't work. Here, your handheld marine VHF radios will be your biggest bet. They will help you broadcast your emergency or distress calls and get timely assistance, saving life and property. At FactoryOutletStore.com, we have top-branded, advanced handheld marine VHF radios on sale in this curated category. Shop now to have an efficient and portable communication system onboard. Even if you have a fixed-mount system, it is always advised to have handheld marine radios onboard, at least as backup.