Garmin Trucking GPS Systems

Best navigation technology for professional truckers

Garmin trucking navigation system incorporates all professional trucking-specific features to make your trips flawless. It helps you plan your tours right from the beginning to the end, even with breaks on the way. Garmin trucking GPS navigation systems provide a Truck & Trailer Services directory and various points of interest, including fueling, food, rest areas, and repair and service stations. With all this data right on your dashboard, moving from point A to point B becomes so easy. All you need to do is enter your destination, and your Garmin Trucking GPS will do the rest. With an easy-to-read, crisp touchscreen display, your Garmin truck GPS also makes the operation, including finding and following the routes intuitive, and easy.     

Convenient, safe, and a flawless trip

The brand also offers several driver alerts to increase situational awareness and promote safe driving. It keeps you alert about steep curves, sharp turns, railroad crossings, and more. Garmin truck GPS considers the size and weight of your truck to provide routes most suitable for your vehicle. They also offer voice control, enabling you to access almost all its features hands-free. Using Bluetooth, Garmin's truck GPS allows you to connect to your smartphone and provide smart notifications and hands-free calling right from the GPS screen. These GPS devices also help you keep their maps and software up to date, thanks to the built-in WiFi. In all, a Garmin Truck GPS navigation system is designed for professional truckers and to make their trips convenient, safe, and flawless. Check out our curated category to shop for these advanced Garmin trucking GPS, the dezl series, tight now.