Garmin RV GPS Systems

An advanced navigator for your roving RV lifestyle

Garmin RV GPS navigators combine innovative features with RV-specific navigation specialties for camping enthusiasts. They offer you turn-by-turn directions to your destination, also helping you outsmart traffic with alternate routes. For vehicle-specific routing, enter your RV's height, weight, length, and width specifications into the RV GPS. And, voila, there's your most efficient route. The rich database of RV Parks & Services provides a comprehensive listing of RV parks and campgrounds for you to explore. Features like voice-activated navigation only make it better and safe to use on the road. With the Garmin Real Directions feature, you get easy-to-understand directions right to your destination, with street names, store names, and landmarks.   

Smart RV navigation for the smart camper

Navigation can be both intuitive and irritating. It all depends on the type of navigator your use. When you buy a Garmin RV GPS, the irritation or troublesome part fades away. Garmin RV GPS devices offer advanced navigation features and smart connectivity options too. It offers Driver alerts to raise situational awareness, live traffic, and weather data to improve general awareness about your trip. Apart from that, with inbuilt Bluetooth technology, these devices connect to your smartphones to allow hands-free calling. It even lets you manage your phone notifications on the GPS screen. Advanced Garmin RV GPS devices are also compatible with wireless backup cameras and even the brand's smartwatches.