Cordless Phones

Advantages of a cordless phone for home or business

Other than being cordless, these phones also do not cost you a fortune for installations and are also easy to setup. Using DECT and its upgrades, they deliver crisp-clear sound quality and superior coverage. Also, the technology uses a 1.9GHz band. Hence, it is less prone to interference. At the same time, DECT technology also provides security from wiretapping, ensuring completely secure communications. Among other benefits, the latest cordless phones offer facilities like answering machine, caller ID, intercom, call-conferencing, long battery life, and much more.

Top cordless telephone brands to buy

FactoryOutletStore has the latest collection of the best cordless telephones and accessory handsets that you can use to set up a communication system for your home or office. AT&T, Motorola, Panasonic, VTech, and Uniden design some of the best cordless phones with innovative features that enhance the way we communicate every day. Advanced cordless phones also pair with your smartphones using Bluetooth to let you make and receive cellular calls from your phone's network. Buy a cordless phone system for your home or office now, and take the next step to enhance your communication.