TomTom GPS w/ Bluetooth Connectivity

GPS & Bluetooth makes

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to easily integrate the TomTom car, motorcycle, RV, or truck GPS navigator with your smartphone. TomTom GPS navigation systems track your position and provide you accurate routing to the destination. With its real-time traffic data, the navigation systems ensure to make your time on the roads a joyride. Its intuitive navigation features like Lifetime Maps, Trip-Planning, Traffic Alerts, and many others help you navigate your destinations with ease. What makes it even better is Bluetooth technology. Using Bluetooth, TomTom GPS navigation systems connect with your smartphones. All of your notifications and calls appear on the navigator screen!  

Benefits of Bluetooth Connectivity 

Once connected to the TomTom GPS navigator, you no longer need to touch your smartphone to utilize its functions. Calling or messaging, you can do both, right from your TomTom navigator. The navigator links with your smartphone to pull all the notifications on its screen. Moreover, it allows you to interact with them, helping you read the messages and answer or reject calls. TomTom GPS navigators have inbuilt speakers and microphones for voice commands and guidance. The same becomes useful to answer your phone calls on the go. Therefore, TomTom GPS with Bluetooth technology promotes safe driving practices, letting you focus on the road even while talking.