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Wahl has over a century of experience and expertise in manufacturing electric trimmers and clippers for men. The first innovation by the brand was an electromagnetic hair clipper that Leo J. Wahl created in 1919. This clipper was not merely an invention but a revolution that Wahl lead, recognizing the need for improving barbering tools. Now, Wahl is one of the forthcomers of the hair grooming sector that consumers trust for its integrity, efficiency, and value.

A tradition of innovation

An electromagnetic motor led Leo Wahl to invent the first hair clipper. And, in the years that followed, Wahl applied for over 100 patents on his innovations. This tradition of innovation reflects in the unique and advanced grooming products that the brand launches in the market from time to time. Wahl produces some of the best electric trimmers and clippers in the market for home and salon use, both. The brand also stepped into the pet grooming sector and is a favorite of professional pet groomers.

Conquer your styles

Wahl clippers, hair trimmers, & animal groomers can cut hair whenever, wherever, and however you want. Its self-sharpening, precision blades can deal with any hair lengths, textures, and styles. Wahl is an expert in pet grooming and delivers excellent performance for trimming and touch-ups of your loving pets. The brand's premium grooming tools let you have a sharp mustache or beard style through its snag-free cutting. Its long-lasting battery and quick charging let you conquer your style worry-free, any day, any time.